Monday, 17 October 2011

There is still life in the garden

Although the first night-frost has done away with most of the summer flowers a good while ago, there are some hardy plants that blossom still. They stretch their heads and do their best to soak up the low autumn sun whenever it makes one of its rare appearances.

The Spanish Marguerites are still alive, even though the flowering may not be as vigorous as before. They are still beautiful though.

Looks like it's time to collect seeds from the marigolds, so that I can plant more next year. These flowers were among the most successful newcomers in the garden this year, and they really looked great in front of the house. I think they will come back again in the spring, but I would like to have them other places as well.

I don’t remember what these funny things are called, but they actually didn’t begin flowering before October. All summer the green modest leaves stood there, and I never thought I would get anything out of these seeds. However, it seems that autumn is their time. They are still full of flower buds waiting to blossom. 
The winter is so long here in Norway, so it's good that there are some tough plants, which extends the summer season for just a little while.