Monday, 25 October 2010

The Writing on the Wall

I've noticed that wallstickers with text has been very popular among interior bloggers for a while despite the fact that Norway’s largest newspaper VG proclaimed only few days ago that it is a new trend. VG has evidently not seen the writing on the wall as early and as clearly as the ladies in Bloglandia.

I myself have been a little slow in joining in on this craze. I liked the idea of having text on the walls, but I think it's a bit boring to have the same as everyone else. So I tried various ways to avoid the mass-produced stuff.

My first attempt on a personal twist was the bedroom classic "Always Kiss Me Goodnight". A little playing around with Photoshop gave it the dreamy look I was after. The result was a wedding gift for my husband and ended up in a frame over our bed.

The next attempt was to buy several sheets of sticker letters. First up was this one next to the fridge.

At Hilltop House we don’t set much faith in guilt for calories. Alright, so we have a few kilos too many, both Hubby and me (mostly me), but it is still important to enjoy one’s food, right?

Another thing we definitely enjoy is coffee. We simply love good coffee in this house, so the next attempt with the stickers was this text on the cabinet door above the coffee machine.

It is funny, I think, but using the stickers here was problematic, because suddenly I was missing several letters. There were only two n's on these sheets, so I had to flip a u upside down. It works - just.
And now I’m left with x's, q's, z's and other useless letters, until I find a suitable word.

So I gave up the combination of trend and originality, and found out that I should go for the mass-produced wall words anyway. But I was really shocked when I saw the prices. It costs several hundred kroner for a sticker! But after some surfing I found Fotoprint'n, who made approximately what I wanted at an affordable price. They could also deliver in several sizes and colours, not just black. I like brown better.

I am very happy with this one that hangs under the plate rack in the kitchen. It means “The kitchen is the heart of a home”. I have also bought a new "coffee word" but I haven’t put it up yet. What I would really like is one of those focaccia recipes, but I haven’t found the right size yet.

This sticker greets guests to Hilltop House.

And this in silver grey adorns my bedside table. What do you think about this lamp base, by the way? 

It was left here by the previous owner, and I adopted it immediately. Really kitchy, but cool.

In addition, I bought several wall stickers for the laundry room, which is finally only a few coats of paint away from being finished. Can’t wait to show you.

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