Saturday, 6 November 2010

Our living room

Every month the Norwegian Interior Bloggers site NIB presents a challenge. This month it was to show your living room. That is something we wanted to take them up on, because if there is one thing we have enough of here at Hilltop House, it is living room. The bedrooms are so small that we can barely fit beds in them and the bathrooms are tiny, but in the living room department we've got acres of space. Consequently, we have no less than four sofas. (And one more to come.)
This is the one we use most of the time, when it's just Hubby and Husfruen home alone.

As you can see, we have a rather classic English style in this room. The large yew bookcase is from Bowlings of Tenby. It takes up a lot of space, but it also provides plenty of storage. The cherry wood chairs are from the Swedish manufacturer Brödrerna Andersons. They are pretty and light weight and very practical. The walnut coffee table is called Astoria and is one of the few pieces of furniture that we bought when we moved in here two years ago.

LOVESEAT. The sofa has down fill and is incredibly comfortable. It was a bargain bought at a furniture sale a few years ago. Since they only had the two seater left, it was reduced by 70 percent. It doesn't bother us that it is only a two seater, as long as we have other sofas  when we are entertaining. 
NICE VIEW. From this room we can enjoy the view of the fjord. The large windows let in a lot of light, which is very nice. We actually appreciate the view a lot more than we thought we would when we bought the house. There's just something about being able to see water, even if it is just a tiny fjord. 
AUTUMN. There are not many leaves left on the trees now, but thankfully the snow is still at bay. 
A BIT EARLY. The Christmas cactus must like the light in this window. It has misjudged the season by a month and is already getting ready for action.  
FIREPLACE. One good thing about autumn is that it provides plenty of opportunities for lighting the fire. Nothing is more cosy, in my opinion. The little bookcase is also from Bowlings, while the pedestal is from Galtung Interiør

PLENTY TO READ. There are numerous good books out at the moment. I often read two at a time. 

Well, the weekend is here at last, and the I can see the sofa is beckoning me. Enjoy your weekend too!

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