Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wish I was there

On days such as today, with the icy wind howling and rain and sleet beating down on us, when it seems as if daylight just can’t manage to penetrate the thick clouds, then I agree with those who say that you have to be somewhat masochistic to live in Norway. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea then, to spend the day looking at photos from our honeymoon in tropical Cebu in the Philippines. My pining for sun and warm weather suddenly became overwhelming.

The sound of a gentle breeze rustling through the great leaves of a palm tree would be music to my ears.

Imagine lying in the shade and wriggling your freshly painted toenails while sipping an ice-cold mango shake...

… or coconut juice served fresh in the nut.

You could take a dip in the crystal clear warm water…

…where tropical fish would be only too happy to share your lunch.

The trees are full of all sorts of exotic fruits…

…and flowers…

…that you can put in your hair.

This was the view from our veranda at the Shangri La resort. Quite different from the disheartening view from our window today. Ah well, I suppose there is only one thing to do - eat cake!
If there are more of you out there who need to comfort eat, I’ll put out a recipe for the world’s best cake in a little while.

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