Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lamp - extreme makeover

Do you remember the huge red lamp that was in our TV-room?
I'll refresh your memory:

Unfortunately, it was no great beauty - the colors were just too vibrant. Nevertheless, I had some qualms about throwing it away because I suspected it was good quality. Some time in the eighties or nineties it probably cost a great deal, considering how big it is - the lampshade was almost 70 centimeters (28”) in diameter.
After I showed a photo of it here on the blog, I was given some good tips about spray painting it, and as that sounded like a good idea, I went off to the hardware store to look at their selection of paint. I found a colour to my liking, and took it home to try it out. The result?
Ta daa!

Isn’t it cool? I am just so pleased with the result, especially since I found a suitable lampshade for it on sale at half price.

The spray paint I used was black Hammerite. It looks a bit like hammered metal, but the colour is more dark grey-brown than black, I think.

The spray was very easy to use, you just had to be careful not apply too much at a time, otherwise the colour would start to run. We gave it five or six coats with ten-minute intervals. Beforehand, we had used masking tape on the cord and the lamp holder.

In the evening, it gives off a nice warm glow, and creates exactly the mood I was looking for in a TV-room. We are now nearly finished washing away the soot there. A new carpet is in place, and the furniture is back in the room again. There are only a few small details remaining and the room will ready to accept visitors.

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Good luck!


  1. I LOVE that lampshade! Where did you find it?

  2. Wow...just checked out your lamp on 'Better After'. Fantastic! I have been using hammered brown on a number of items (really love it). If you get a chance...did you get your material for the shade in a store or on line...the whole transformation is beautiful.

  3. Hi, and thanks for the nice comments. :-)
    I bought the shade in a Norwegian shop called Lampehuset. They have a web shop, but I'm not sure whether they'll ship overseas. However, it's always worth asking them, if you really want it.
    Here is their url:
    The shade is called "Latte NL"

  4. What a remarkable transformation! The lamp looks so different--I really like it.

  5. Wow! the lamps looks awesome and elegant. Great Job! I love it.