Thursday, 23 June 2011


In Norway it is traditional to celebrate Midsummer by burning bonfires, usually by the sea. This year we had a lovely evening with people from the neighbourhood down by our little fjord. We barbecued sausages and someone had brought a yummy cheesecake.

In our part of the world this night never gets dark. We had no midnight sun unfortunately, but as you can see it was nearly as bright as day.

There are many old traditions on this lightest of all evenings, which is said to be magical. One of them is for young girls to pick a bouquet of seven different wildflowers and put under their pillows. Then they will dream of the man they will marry.
Young men must be wary of seductive women, though. If they should meet a beautiful young lady who tries to flirt, they must look at her from behind. If she has a cow's tail, it is Huldra, a lady of the forest out to lure innocent young men into the underworld.

Hope you all have a lovely Midsummer!

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