Friday, 26 August 2011

Polka Rose

I have cupboards full of porcelain. They are overflowing with tableware that just stands there and collects dust. I usually take them out to use them once or twice a year, just to justify to myself that I really do need them. But has overflowing cupboards ever stopped me from wanting more? Oh no.
Now I have come across a tea set from Royal Doulton, which I think is sooo beautiful.

Royal Albert Polka Rose – isn’t it just beautiful? They are new this year, and inspired by the shapes and colours of the 1930's.

The light green color is precisely my favourite, and the pink roses inside are so beautiful. I have never really been hung up on polka dots, but here they were somehow fitting. There is something deliciously luxurious about delicate bone china, and I think the lovely creamy white colour is much nicer than the greyish colour of normal everyday tableware.

I'm quite sure I would have been a just a tiny little bit happier if I had my morning coffee served from this mug.

And just look at this beautiful clock. Wouldn’t that have been something to have in the kitchen? But, do I need it? Alas, no.

It’s funny to see how the English make such extravagant accessories for their tea sets. I can’t ever see myself buying this little lady with a roses and polka dots dress, but she certainly is adorable.

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