Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Lovely prizes

I have been so lucky that I have won some beautiful things from Det lille huset med druehage - a lovely blog where Gro-Beate writes about her house and her garden with grape vines. 
A little package came in the mailbox yesterday. Look, what a nice card and a cute little rose!

Inside there was a heart shaped lace pomander filled with lavender, two tiny glass bowls and a jar of scented white stones. Hubby thought they were mints and I just managed to stop him from popping one in his mouth. The poor man was completely dumbfounded when I yelled "No!!!" "I was just going to taste one..." he said unhappily. Being a man sure is difficult sometimes. :-)

After having duly admired everything (and convinced Hubby that I really wasn't trying to keep candy from him), I took it all out to the bathroom to find space for it.  

The heart is on the wall over the toilet. 

The jar and the glass bowls were placed on a white whicker chest of drawers. I had some small rose scented soaps that just fitted the bowls. Doesn't it look lovely?

In front are two sea shells that I brought home from Indonesia. They have little pink stripes that match the soaps. :-) In the basket I keep brushes and scrubs for the shower. 

Behind is the sign that I won from Villa Klaraberg a few weeks ago. I think it all looks so lovely. Our otherwise dull bathroom now has a little idyllic still life that lifts my spirits every morning. 
A big thank you to Gro-Beate for a lovely prize. I really appreciate it. 

Soon I too will have a Give Away, where I will tempt you with travel sized  products from L'Occitane and other little goodies. So keep visiting!

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  1. Ble kjempe flott! Bra du fikk stoppet han fra å spise stenene. Tror han hadde fått vondt i magen;)
    Klem Gro-Beate