Wednesday, 21 July 2010

KEEP CALM… or not

The KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON craze seems to be all around us. Especially on the interior design blogs. Every other blogger sports a framed poster or two on the walls.
I’m no exception myself. I haven’t actually got a poster, but on our first wedding anniversary (which is paper, by the way) Hubby gave me the book with this and other motivational quotes. I think it’s really cool.

However, how cool it is really to have these posters, cups, bags, sweatshirts and God knows what else, when everybody else has exactly the same?
Not very, it seems, considering all the ironic parodies people have come up with. Some of them are really funny. This is my personal favourite, so far.

Here are a few other good ones.

These things seem to be everywhere, so I have borrowed them from various net sites.
I came up with these ones:

If any of you have suggestions for funny texts, leave a comment and I’ll make posters for you all to see. (Let me know which colour you would like.)
This could be fun!

Great suggestion from Irene. My new favourite.


  1. How about "You keep calm and I'll carry on"

    Irene :)

  2. Hei vennen ♥

    Så morro att du husker den da...jeg måtte bestille den , så jeg fant den ikke på noen butikk :)))

    Enig med Irene...You keep calm and...den er lekker!!!

    Ha en fin uke da ♥