Sunday, 1 August 2010

Not pining for pine

As we have told you before, we had a water leak in the laundry room some weeks ago. The dehumidifier and the fan have been going around the clock, and finally it was dry enough to start painting.
Apparently, even old pine panelling can bleed resin from the knots and make brown stains on the paint, so we got a primer that is also supposed to act as a sealant.  Let's hope it works.
Here is the work in full swing.
PRIMING. We will definitely not miss the old brown knotty pine. It is amazing how much light it steals.
DIFFICULT JOB. It's not exactly easy to work around all the wires and pipes. 
A TEMPORARY SOLUTION. Luckily the plumber was able to hook up the new hot water tank. It would have been so inconvenient to be without hot water for weeks. Especially now, when we have so many guests visiting for their holidays. 
Notice the bright red window sill. All the skirting boards and mouldings in the room were a jolly red colour. Stylish? Nei, njet no and nein. All the doors and window sills will be lovely and white, while the walls will be painted a soft beige colour. 
We have done a bit more painting today. Things are starting to look good. Next week sometime we'll get the new floor in. We're really looking forward to that. 

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