Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Photo competition

I think Hubby is a very good photographer, so I thought I'd enter three of his photos in Fotoverden's August competition. The theme this month is black and white.

This lovely picture was taken by the Rana river in Northern Norway. The long exposure emphasizes the beauty and power of the mighty river.

The next picture is not so idyllic. Along the main street in the capital, Oslo, one can see people who fall through the cracks of our welfare state system. I think this photograph illustrates the problem. The beggar is actually sitting outside the parliament building.

The last picture illustrates teenage frustration. The photo was taken on a trip to Newcastle. This boy had had just experienced a bit too much nagging and ran over to a railway bridge, stood under the letters and let the world know what he thought. Luckily, Dad had the camera ready. 

If you would like to vote for Hubby in the contest, we'd appreciate it a lot. 

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