Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sharp dressed berries

I just had to share a picture of some strawberries we were served the other day. They are first dipped in white chocolate and then dark. Finally they are decorated with bowties and buttons.
I thought they were increadibly charming. What a great idea if one is celebrating something special - like a wedding for example. Perhaps it would be possible to make little lady versions too?

Not to be forgotten: They tasted absolutely gorgeous. We have had strawberries dipped in dark chocolate before and they have been nice. But the white chocolate gave an extra touch to it all.

1 comment:

  1. Hei :))

    Åååååå namis!!!! Gud så fristende :)) Joda den franske bestikkskuffen har jeg kjøpt hos Farmorskrambod i Ulsteinvik , tror merke var IB LAURSEN :)) Ja den er kjempeflott og praktisk..nå hadde jeg aldri klart mej uten!!

    Ønsker dej en super uke :)

    Klem klem :))