Thursday, 27 May 2010

The flutter of tiny wings

We have recently discovered that our house is home to several families with children. Some starlings have decided that the sheltered space under the roof tiles would be a good place to bring up their chicks.
We think they may have tried in the woodshed first, because we found an abandoned nest there. It probably wasn’t safe from the neighbour’s cat. The woodshed is one of the stops on his patrol of the neighbourhood. Today he’s been lying in the long grass for hours staring longingly up at the roof but alas; he can’t reach it.

Being bird parents certainly looks like a lot of work. Mama and Papa starling have busy days, constantly flying in from the forest with their beaks full of bugs and grubs – probably very yummy for little hungry chicks.

On the opposite side of the house a couple of blue tits are nesting under the tiles as well. They’re not so busy it seems. Perhaps little blue tit babies don’t eat as much.
Well, we don’t really mind having squatters around. We won’t try and slap them with a big bill for the rent or anything but we are a little concerned with them making a proper mess in the loft. Next year we might board up the holes and hang some birdhouses in the trees to offer them proper accommodation. For this season though, we just wish them good luck with their little tweeters. 


  1. Nyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyydelige bilder!
    Klem, M

  2. Tusen takk M. Det blir nok Hubby glad for å høre. :-)