Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Spectacular Spring

As we only recently moved to Western Norway, we frequently drive across the country to visit family and friends back east. It is a six hour long drive past fjords, across mountain passes and through deep forests. The scenery is quite impressive in places but as we have seen it so many times, we tend not to take much notice. Usually, we just concentrate on getting there and back as quickly as possible.

AAKRAFJORDEN is far inland. Behind the snow covered mountaintops you’ll find the Folgefonna glacier. 
However, as we drove back from celebrating Norway’s independence day on the 17th of May, we were perhaps in a bit of a patriotic mood, and decided to stop and enjoy the landscape, which was showing off its best side.  The sun shone brightly down on mountains and valleys, and glittered merrily on the fjords. A thousand meters up in the mountains snow was still lying thickly and the lakes were frozen, but nearer sea level spring was in full bloom. I love the sight of the fresh green new leaves on the birch trees. We call them “mouse ears”. The furry buds on willow trees are nicknamed “goose chicks” or “kitten paws”. Makes it even nicer, doesn’t it?

The steep slopes along the south facing sides of the fjords are popular for fruit farming and the first cherry trees were blooming. It was all very picturesque. 

But the most spectacular sights at this time of the year are the many waterfalls. Carrying a flood of water from the melting snow, they roar down the mountainsides at a fantastic speed on their way to the fjord.

LANGFOSS is considered by some to be one of the most beautiful cascading waterfalls in the world. We are inclined to agree. 
We made a stop at the aptly named Langfossen – “long waterfall” – where the water cascades 612 meters (more than 2000 feet) down. This is one of the highest waterfalls in the world and the fifth highest in Norway. We weren’t the only admirers. German tourists are already flocking towards this end of the world in their campervans, stacked with cheap beer and sausages. “Wunderschön!” they shouted over the deafening roar of the water as they shot their obligatory holiday snapshots of each other in front of the water.

Hubby takes photography a bit more seriously and took his time wandering around to find the right angle, varying the shutter speed and aperture. Husfruen was impressed with the result and have duly admired the pictures. Here are some for you to see. Hope you like them too. 
RAPID WATER. Hubby was surprised at the dreamy look of the water even at a shutter speed of 1/8000 sec. But on the photo below you'll see what happens with running water at a slow shutter speed.


  1. hei,men å koselig dette var da,
    følger deg fra nå..
    klem fra sylvia

  2. hei igjen .gikk litt fort istad,det banket på døra her,
    gratulere med ny blogg,fin den er,
    lurte på om du kunne legge inn en oversetter,litt lettere å lese her da.du kan ta den som står på min side,den kan oversette til hvilket som helst språk..
    ønsker deg masse lykke til med blogging,det er veldig gøy.
    klem fra sylvia