Friday, 28 May 2010

Howdy folks

Well, Husfruen had planned to be quite a bit more sophisticated when she presented her first cooking post on the blog but alas, it was not to be. Tonight’s dinner was as far from cordon bleu cooking as it is possible to come. It would probably have Nigella running in horror. It was pretty tasty though.
We were in the thank-God-it’s-Friday mood and after a hard day’s work we were too worn out to spend hours in the kitchen, so we ended up with a quick meal of cowboy food – bacon, sausages and eggs on toast with mushrooms and baked beans in tomato sauce. All washed down with a cold beer.  (Also known as a Full English Breakfast, but when consumed in the evening accompanied by a beer, we call it Cowboy Dinner.)

Hubby thought it was just the right thing for a hungry man who’s been slaving away in the garden for hours. He also found the perfect musical accompaniment to get us into the country and western mood: Chet Atkins and Mark Knofler having fun together. The Tyneside lad can certainly hold his own, in the company of the Tennessee country music legend. Just listen for yourself. That's some seriously good guitar picking.

The music triggered Hubby’s dancing feet, so he persuaded Husfruen to do a little waltz around the kitchen, bumping into chairs and almost knocking down glasses.
Hope y’all have a lovely Friday evening as well. 

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