Monday, 14 June 2010

Flower therapy

The weekend is over and the sun is shining again. Typical!
I think the weather gods must be making fun of us these days. I didn't get my afternoon coffee on the veranda either, because Hubby is painting the window frames and he had occupied all the space with ladders and buckets of paint.
So I had to bring some of the summer inside.

LIKE PERFUME. Nothing spells early summer like the scent of lilacs.

I love to decorate with flowers. The colours and the scents put me in a good mood, so there usually is a vase or two on display.
Even if it is a lot of work to have a big garden, it is incredibly nice to be able to just go outside to pick flowers to brighten up the house. Not that we have a very large selection to pick from but I can always find something to put in a vase. We have a crooked old lilac tree that would probably be better off in the big garden in the sky, but we haven't got the heart to chop it down because it smells so wonderful when it is in bloom.
Now, it smells like summer inside the house too and I am happy again. :-)

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  1. Nydelige blomster!
    Ha en fin kveld!
    Klem, M