Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday Breakfast

We are notorious for lounging in bed on Sunday mornings. Hubby usually brings us coffee and then we sit there with our laptops and find out what has happened in the world. The days of newspapers are long gone for us, I'm afraid. Anyway, our mailbox is five minutes walk away, down at the main road, and it's not a trip you can do in your dressing gown, so we have to settle for digital news. At least for a few hours, until Hubby jogs down to pick up the Morning Post.
It is so nice to just sit in bed and sip our coffee, perhaps nibble on a biscuit, and discuss the headlines, until the delicious smell of bread wafts in from the kitchen and tells us that it will be time for breakfast soon. 

You see, sometimes we prepare dough the night before, then all we have to do is chuck it in the oven in the morning and we'll have freshly baked bread for breakfast. It's a little luxury to have warm, sweet-smelling bread or rolls for the first meal of the day. 

I love these little miniature jars of jams and preserves for breakfast. Here in Norway they are ridiculously expensive, so I usually stock up on them whenever we are over in England. Once I bought a tiny wicker basket full of them at Harrod's and I've kept the basket because it's so handy.

For Hubby, a breakfast without a proper cup of tea would be unthinkable. I have grown accustomed to it too and I really like to use our teacups from Firkløveren. I especially like the little flowers on the inside of the cups. Perhaps it's silly but they brighten up my day. 

Our cutlery is the Dubarry pattern from Viners. The timeless classic design makes it fit for any table. It has been in daily use for almost twenty years but still looks nice.

When the sun is not shining outside, at least we can enjoy the bright colours of juice and soft-boiled eggs. 

For Hubby of course, no meal is complete without a piece of cheese - preferably Dutch.

A day can never be too bright to light candles. :-)

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