Friday, 4 June 2010

My Little Pony

On the plot of land next to ours, our neighbour keeps his mare. She’s a Norwegian Fjord horse, a breed from the mountainous region of Western Norway. This relatively small breed is one of the world’s oldest and has been used mainly as farm horses. All “fjordings” as we call them are dun in colour with a light coloured mane and a dark dorsal stripe that goes all the way from fringe to tail.  They are beautiful and somehow seem to belong to the nature and rugged landscape in this part of the country.

Fjordings are usually known for their good temper but this mare was getting cranky and bored. Our neighbour thought she might be lonely, so he got her a pet – a tiny Shetland pony. At first she didn’t liked him one bit. He was homesick for his mum and very clingy but she wouldn’t offer any kind of consolation. Somehow though, he must have won her over, because now she won’t let him out of her sight. He is allowed to come over and greet us but she gets very suspicious if we try and pet him.

One good thing about having horses around is that they will greedily eat all fruits and vegetables we would otherwise throw out. Now, we don’t feel so bad about not having eaten them ourselves.

NOM NOM NOM. Bite sized pieces of apple are very popular.
HE HE HE! Hubby told a joke. 

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