Saturday, 12 February 2011

Carpet capers

At last the TV-room is starting to resemble our original plan for the room. Today we laid the new carpet. Wall-to-wall carpeting is not very popular in Norway so the choice of carpets is limited and they are expensive. We wondered for a while if we should have parquet floors, but in the end we decided that we wanted the warm and cosy feel a carpet provides. The room is, after all, a basement, and there’s a concrete floor underneath.

We brought a number of carpet samples home with us to find the right one, and we were quite pleased when the one we liked best also turned out to be the cheapest. That doesn’t seem to happen too often for us.
It was a real hassle just to get the carpet into the room and more or less in place. None of us had any experience with laying carpets, and just to make the job extra difficult the skirting boards are flush with the paneled wall so the carpet is lying against them instead of underneath requiring precision cutting in order for the edges to look good.

Hubby managed the job well, and the carpet was cut to perfection.

Isn’t it nice? I feel that the whole room has been totally renewed.
We have already carried in the TV and two armchairs, so that we can use the room tonight. The rest of the furniture has to wait until the electrician is finished. He should have been here this week, but we haven’t seen hide nor hair of him. It is perhaps unfair of me to complain, but I feel that it's the same thing every time we need a craftsman for our house. They never arrive when agreed. The electrician has now promised to come here on Monday, so we hope that nothing happens to delay him.

This dodgy old lamp is causing the problem as all the electricity in the room passes through it. Actually I think that it is a bit cool in its uncompromising seventies style, but it does not fit in with the room’s new look. Maybe I should advertise "Original orange retro lamps" on the internet, though I doubt if anyone would be interested in the pair of them. However, I may be surprised.

Now, we are about to settle down and enjoy the evening in our new TV-room. Enjoy yourselves tonight too!

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  1. The carpet looks flawless! You were right when you said that it was cut to perfection. It looks beautiful along with the walls and ceilings. I love the beige touch on the entire room. ;)