Sunday, 6 February 2011

We have started!

Yesterday we really put some elbow grease into the TV-room. We carried the furniture out and put it temporarily in the library, which incidentally will be the next room to be renovated.
Fortunately, it was quite easy to remove the nasty tartan carpet, as it was only taped at the edges, and since it has been down for at least thirty years, the tape had dried out. The carpet itself on the other hand was actually in surprisingly good condition, so it was obviously good quality. Well, that doesn’t matter much when it looks horrible so it was unceremoniously dumped at the rubbish tip.
After emptying the room, we scrubbed the ceiling and walls with a strong detergent. Good heavens, how dirty it was! As far as we know, there haven’t been any smokers living in the house for at least twenty years, but judging by the colour of the water in the bucket one would think otherwise. We scrubbed off decades of accumulated dust and dirt.
After several hours of airing the room, it smelled really clean and fresh down there so we couldn’t resist the temptation of starting to paint.

Look how incredibly dark the pine is against the white paint. This first coat is just a primer designed to seal the wood, so that no sap will leak through the paint.

Actually we hadn’t planned to put the primer on until today, but we were so eager to see results that we couldn’t wait to put the first coat on the ceiling, skirting boards and windowsills. On the rare occasions you get an overwhelming desire to work, you don’t want to lose your momentum, do you?

Well, here’s the result of many hours of work. We think it already looks brighter and nicer. 

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