Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Miss Spring Fever

The garden blog Moseplassen has a competition on for this year's Miss Sun, and I've browsed through our photo archive to find something to contribute with. I had quite a few nice pictures of beautiful summer flowers basking in the sun, but concluded that I would rather show you these modest but utterly divine blue anemones.

The photo was taken on my paradise island Jomfruland outside the south coast of Norway a few years ago. For years I have been going there every spring with two old friends to see the indescribably lovely wood anemones (also known as thimbleweed) blooming in the oak forest.
On this particular year we were a little early. The white anemones were still only in bud, but the blue ones are a bit earlier. There are not as many of these beautiful flowers, so it feels like a privilege to see the tiny blue petals pushing their way up through dry leaves and twigs, stretching towards the sun.
There are not many other flowers that give me the exhilarating feeling that now - now - spring is truly here.

Oh, how I'm looking forward to that feeling this year too.

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